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HS Invoice Manager 1.3.4

HS Invoice Manager 1.3.4: HS Invoice Manager - Invoicing Software for small business price list Services Database: - maintain list of services with serivice codes, description and price - Print out or export customer price list Company Settings: - Enter and edit your company name, address, telephone and fax numbers that will appear on invoices, credit notes account statements and price lists Extensive Reporting: Generate and Print various reports: - Customer List - Transaction List - Invoices List - Credits List - Payment List -

AB Invoice, Product module 10.1: A add-on module for Product database in AB Invoicing
AB Invoice, Product module 10.1

This module is used to: Fetch products to the invoice routine. Copy a products code, description, unit and price straight from the products database to the invoice row. Check the statistics. Store lists of products. Print price lists. Lists that you can distribute on paper or electronically (pdf). Organise products in groups. Connect price calculations to products. Use the "Price calculation module" to set the correct price.

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So-net CRM 2.0

Using this soft you`ll abble to solve problems reffering to general company activity and collaboration with clients. It also includes a number of modules for office workers, managers and company executives. Basic configuration includes: creation of company database;control ofcontacts,orders, invoices,contracts,price lists,mailing lists;organiser;statistics;archive etc.The program basic configuration can be added with new modules by your request.

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1st Mail Sender 4.2: Maintain subscription-based mailing lists and send e-mail messages!
1st Mail Sender 4.2

price lists as well as organize email-based subscriptions on your web sites. 1st Mail Sender is the best solution for such purpose. You can maintain subscription-based mailing lists with a lot of topic groups automatically via email or manually, send email messages to the mailing list subcribers, do an e-mail address management with smart filtering, and much more. This program allows you deliver messages directly to the recipient mailing boxes or

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DataHouse 4.01: Simple, inexpensive and effective business software. Fast to implement, fast ROI
DataHouse 4.01

DataHouse: Simple, effective business database software made with MS Access. Stop just collecting data, start analyzing and then acting upon it. DataHouse is designed to manage Customer and Supplier Information, Contact Management/History, Product Information, Quote/Sales and Purchase Order Tracking and Document Control. Generate Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Price Lists, Phone Lists etc. Analyze sales by Country, Customer, Product etc

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CoL8 1.2

Every business has Standard Documents - be they sales proposals, contracts, product manuals, customer correspondence, price lists, method statements, company profiles, procedure guides, operations manuals, training material, etc... in fact the list is endless. All of these are likely to be distributed across a network, or even an intranet. CoL8 has the bold guarantee that it will save its customers time and money in creating these documents.

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Business management software 2.1.5bm: OkInventory is free business accounting software
Business management software 2.1.5bm

OkInventory is all in one free business management accounting software. Tracking of your sales, supply, invoices, orders, goods return, price lists, contracts, payments, partners, warehouses, inventory, web stores, documents and much more. The program interface is very simple and user-friendly. It will only take two or three days of training before you learn the key elements of the software and start using it for your business.

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